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Control WinAmp from Windows command line.

Download v0.2

Ok, so here is the obligatory readme file for PlayNow. This Win32 command line application [Windows NT, Windows 95/98/XP, Vista, Win7, Win8] can command WinAmp to play a track or playlist immediately or after waiting for the currently playing track to finish.

PlayNow is useful for automating a WinAmp sourced 'Radio Station'. It can be used for rotating playlists, taking requests, inserting spots or whatever else your twisted little minds can dream up!

The command line interface is quite simplistic, supporting only two parameters one of which is optional:

PlayNow filename [wait]

filename refers to the file name of the track (or playlist -- in any WinAmp supported format) to play.

wait [optional] if present in the command line, PlayNow will wait until the currently playing track is complete before playing the requested file. If this option is not present PlayNow will stop the playing track and load the requested file. NOTE: If WinAmp is playing a live stream (via //linerec: or equivalent) this function will effectively wait forever)

This program is free for use in non-commercial environments. For commercial applications contact Frontier Digital.

PLEASE send suggestions and ALL bug reports to I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken!

Version History

03-Nov-99 - v0.2 - Initial release. Abandon hope all ye who may choose to use the preview version.