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Create HTML pages from WinAmp Playlists.

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Ok, so here is the obligatory readme file for M3UHTML. This Win32 command line application [Windows NT, Windows 95/98] for creating HTML pages from WinAmp playlists.

M3UHTML uses highly flexible template files to generate the output HTML file. There are 3 template files used in this process; the header, detail and footer files. The contents of the header file is copied to the beginning of the output file. The detail file is used for each entry in the playlist, and finally the footer file is copied onto the end.

The template files can contain HTML code, javascript, whatever; the format is not significant. The real power of M3UHTML comes from it's ability to substitute values into the template code. With a set of custom tags located in the template files, M3UHTML can insert MP3 Filenames and ID3 tag information into the resulting output file.

The M3UHTML currently supports:

%%FILE%%MP3 Filename
%%ARTIST%%Value of the 'artist' field from the ID3 tag
%%TITLE%%Value of the 'title' field from the ID3 tag
%%ALBUM%%Value of the 'album' field from the ID3 tag

For example, if the text "Title: %%TITLE%%" is located in the template file and the ID3 tag contains the title 'Stayin' Alive' the resulting output file will contain "Title: Stayin' Alive".

The included examples illustrate a typical usage.

The command line syntax of M3UHTML is:

M3UHTML playlist-filename header-filename detail-filename footer-filename

for example:

M3UHTML d:\mp3\tjc1.m3u header.html detail.html footer.html

The resulting output is contained in the file M3UHTML.HTML. For a sample of how this be used within another HTML page, visit and choose 'View complete playlist'.

This program is free for use in non-commercial environments. For commercial applications contact Frontier Digital.

PLEASE send suggestions and ALL bug reports to I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken!

Version History

v0.8 - Initial release. Abandon hope all ye who may choose to use the preview version.